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The best slideshow editor
is now available for iPad.

FotoMagico iPad Mac

Used by thousands of professional photographers around the world.

FotoMagico – Winner of two of the prestigious Apple Design Awards.

Easy to learn, and powerful to use

FotoMagico for iPad brings you in full control of how your photos, videos are presented together with text and sounds. Create involving slideshows in minutes. 

Royalty free music included

Save hours of time hunting for the right and legal tune. The included royalty free music covers all kinds of moods and is pre-configured with audio markers to help you time your slideshow to the beat.

Instantly present your slideshows

Showing your work to others is the pinnacle of every photographer’s existance. Because it uses every pixel of the attached display or projector, your photos shine in the best possible light.

Professional storytelling
on the go

Every speaker wants to connect with his audience emotionally while presenting video and photo projects in a slideshow. A great keynote is the best combination of a vivid presentation style and a technical high-end projection of the work.

FotoMagico iPad Storytelling - yellowish


Precise control over animations, like position and dimension of the image, is essential for telling a compelling story with your slideshow.


Setting transitions at the right time is key to making best use of the music to emotionally support your story.

Effects & Layers

Up to 6 Layers of photos, videos or titles in any combination allow for almost limitless creative freedom.

Compose your photos and videos
into compelling slideshows

FotoMagico unleashes your creativity. Get started right away! The Ken Burns-style pan and zoom effect adds drama to your story. Simply add music, sounds, text, titles, and even transitions to transform any slideshow into a great multimedia keynote experience.

FotoMagico iPad Hero - white

Media browser

FotoMagico’s image browser automatically displays images and videos from the Photos app and provides access to local storage, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and other data providers.


You don’t have to care about frame rates, aspect ratios or resolution. Simply place all the media you desire onto the stage and FotoMagico takes care of the rest. Video made for photographers.

Text & Snippets

Easy to use snippets for all kind of intro, title and credits slides. Features chapter titles, lower thirds and traditional presentation slides.

Live Effects

Exclusive to FotoMagico for iPad, live effects give you a whole new level of creative freedom. The effects are added in real time and are non-destructive, so your photos and videos maintain their original form and you can change everything on the fly.

FotoMagico iPad Effects - yellowish

Image Manipulation

Apply high quality effects like color correction, sepia, black and white and vignette to give your photos the little extra or to make them better fit together.

Lens Distortion

With wide-angle lenses becoming more popular in photography and particularly in smart phones, the Lens Distortion filter helps to correct effects like falling lines.

Comic Relief

Turn your photos and videos into a comic, and add speech bubbles for a good laugh. Other effects include watercolor, etching, woodcut, grainy film and old video.

Free player for FotoMagico on iPad

You are free to use FotoMagico for iPad as a player for your slideshows you’ve created with FotoMagico for Mac. Take your slideshow with you on stage on your iPad.

FotoMagico iPad Mac

Best Buddies

You are already using FotoMagico on your Mac? Take your slideshows on the road, and present them to clients, family, and friends. This feature is free.


iCloud Sync

Store your slideshows in your iCloud to keep them synchronized between iPad and Mac.


Play your FotoMagico for Mac slideshows on your iPad and vice versa*. *(Some effects are currently not yet available on the Mac)

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FotoMagico for iPad

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